The Write Your Self method helps people reclaim their voices and stories after experiencing trauma.

Through our online certification program we train professionals to use our writing methodology in their work across the globe.


Trauma tears apart. It damages people, relationships, and societies. It changes the lives of those affected, fundamentally. Afterwards, life must be rebuilt; the self recreated.

Through writing this re-creation process can begin.

Trauma will silence us, if we let it. It will shroud our stories and experiences in shame and fear and leave us feeling powerless.

But we are not powerless. With the right guidance, we can use writing to take our power back. We can reclaim our voices and start telling our stories in a way that empowers not only us, but others as well.

Our stories matter. When we own our stories, we are free to write our own endings.

Who We Want To Help

We address you who work with people who have experienced trauma.

The Write Your Self method was first developed to help women, girls and non-binary people who have suffered violence. This group remains at the heart of our work and vision, but the Write Your Self method can also be used to adress the needs of other groups who have suffered trauma due to for instance war, bullying, serious illness, grief and loss.

Write Your Self is an online-based company and our education program have a global reach. Our team is based in Sweden.

Who We Are

Write Your Self is run by Åsa Boström, Anna Lovind, Åsa-Saga Hammarstedt and Anna Sundström Lindmark.

We are teachers, writers, communication experts, linguists, editors and speakers – with both professional and personal experience of healing trauma – who have now joined forces to be able to help more people.

Write Your Self started as a writing program for women, girls and transgender people who had suffered violence. Between 2013-2015, Åsa offered the program in cooperation with Swedish women shelters, a project financed by Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society. In 2016, the current team got together and started the work of digitalising and globalising the program.

We will continue to develop Write Your Self in close dialogue with our program participants and professionals who work with traumatised people.

Our Team

Åsa Boström

CEO and Head of Education

”I reached a point in my healing process when my story ceased to be my story alone, and instead became a part of something bigger, something that made it possible for me to help others heal. In writing, we find rooms where we can gather our experiences, stand tall and whole and express from that wholeness; where we have the right to interpret our selves and our lives, and how we want to create our lives moving forward.”

Åsa is also an artist, writer, writing and yoga teacher and coach.

Anna Lovind

Head of Communication

”I love to browse my bookshelves, reading the names of the authors, touching the backs of my favourite books. They remind me it’s doable. They remind me of brave souls writing their way out of silence, pain and loneliness; their words lighting the path for others to follow. And behind every author’s name I sense the presence of a thousand others, who never saw their words in print, who never made it to people’s book shelves, but who kept writing, nevertheless. Because they had a story to tell. And because that stories set them free. I think of them and I feel their commitment in my bones.”

Anna is also a writer, editor and creativity mentor.

Åsa-Saga Hammarstedt

Head of Platform and Technical Support

”For me, self-knowledge and healing has always gone hand in hand. The more I know – and find the words to express – my self and my story, the stronger I become. For that reason, writing has always been crucial; from the exploration and confirmation of how things truly felt, to manifestos where I’ve put into words what I accept and don’t accept from now on – in my relationships, in my work, and in my life.”

Åsa-Saga is also a journalist and linguistic consultant.

Anna Sundström Lindmark

Spokesperson and Lecturer

”When I write I become grounded, real, sharper around the edges somehow. Yet, when a piece of writing touches me, the edges between me and another human being can be erased. It makes me wonder where one story ends and the other one starts. When such a strong sense of kinship is kindled through words alone, my heart sings and everything is made possible. Words really do have the power to change our lives.”

Anna is also a writer, science journalist and storyteller.

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