A free writing resource

to help you reclaim your voice and your stories

Do you have a story to tell?

Something you have experienced or a story that feels important to get into writing?

Do you want to explore your voice and how to use it?

For those of you who long for a space of your own where you are safe and free to express yourself, we have created our free writing resource Reclaim Your Voice.

Regardless of your starting point, whether you have written before or not, whether you know what you want to write about or not – this resource is for you. It’s our invitation to you, to begin using your voice the way you want and need to.

Reclaim Your Voice will give you the help you need to begin writing and create a foundation for your continued writing.

You will learn about writing as a craft and writing as a process. The process is particularly important here. Not performance and results – but how it feels to write and what you need to be able to write. This is crucial for writing to be healing and sustainable.

You always choose your own writing topics.

Reclaim Your Voice is based on our method for writing after trauma. But you are welcome to sign up to explore your voice and how to use it to change your life, whether you’ve experienced trauma or not.

Our team has professional as well as personal experience of using writing as a tool for healing. We have lived through our own healing processes, and we have worked with many who have made the same journey. Now, we have used this experience and knowledge to create Reclaim Your Voice, as well as our training for professionals – The License Program.

Reclaim Your Voice is for personal use only. If you want to guide people in our methodology, we invite you to join our License Program for education and certification.

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Our voices and stories are important.

Write Yours.

Our Methodology

Our methodology rests on three pillars:

Writing after trauma
Writing after trauma can be writing about trauma – about your own experiences of trauma. It also has to do with what it is like to write after experiences of trauma – in the consequences of trauma and the way your life is afterwards. There is no requirement to write about trauma, and our process will guide you regardless of which topics you choose.

The writing process
The eight step writing process we have developed consists of trauma sensitive writing exercises, to help you explore your voice, your stories and what you need in order to create a sustainable writing practice. We have also included guidelines for writing in a group, as well as dialogue and text response.

The writer’s choice and empowerment
The ultimate purpose of our methodology is to bring choice and empowerment back to you as a writer. Trauma often causes a feeling of powerlessness and lack of agency. Reclaim Your Voice is developed to help you reclaim your choice and power through writing.

This is our gift to you

Our vision is that when we come across difficulties in life, it should be easy to find qualified help to write if we want and need to. Through Reclaim Your Voice, we want to offer this help to everyone who needs it, regardless of financial circumstances.

This is why we are giving you Reclaim Your Voice entirely free of cost.

All you need to do to get access to the resource and begin your own writing journey is to leave your email address below. Shortly after that, you will receive an email from us with your log-in information and instructions to access the program.

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Reclaim Your Voice