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- Apply for this year’s license scholarships

We welcome all who wish to apply for our annual scholarships to do so between October 31st – December 8th.

In 2017, we will be awarding 10 license scholarships – that includes an entire year of access to our License Program, where we train and certify professionals who want to learn how to guide people in our writing process and methodology.

VALUE: 1950 USD.


Are you a writing pedagogue, psychologist, therapist, deacon or physician? Do you work at a women’s shelter or support housing for asylum seekers, or some other place where you recognise that writing could possibly be a way to help people who have gone through various kinds of trauma and crisis?

If so, we warmly welcome you to apply for one of our license scholarships.

About the License Scholarship

The License Scholarship gives you an entire year of access to our License Program.

The License Program is a continuing education course where you get to:

* Study trauma and writing from both a pedagogical and scientific perspective.

* Learn how you can guide people in writing after trauma, both individually and in groups, with focus on restoring a feeling of choice and empowerment to people affected by trauma. The writer always chooses their own writing topics with no requirement to write about trauma, instead they may wish to write about life after trauma, about how life has been in the aftermath. There is no requirement to write about trauma.

* Obtain a certification in our writing methodology, as well as instructional material for holding courses and workshops and for offering individual guidance and feedback.

VALUE: 1950 USD.

You can read more about the License Program here.


Our team have personal and professional experience using writing as a tool for healing. We have gone through our own healing processes and have worked with many who have made the same journey. The knowledge we gathered along the way, has now been captured in our License Program.

Our stories are important. Help others to write theirs.

Last year’s license scholarship recipients

Ylva Maria Pavval


“The License Program feels professional and well-structured. I like receiving an overview, and that it takes place in steps, so that it’s understandable and doesn’t feel like I’m drowning in new things. The list of resources is an added bonus: AWESOME to already be able to see that I can immerse myself in certain aspects that interest me… extremely inspiring.”

Emelie Hill Dittmer


“The platform is easy to navigate, but it’s also the research highlighted in the license material that helps confirm something I already know – deep inside. It is a feeling of pieces that are falling into place, and a knowledge that the spreading of this message is going to make such an enormous difference for so many.”

”I feel I’ve a solid foundation now to stand on for what’s to come. It’s been affirming. Now I understand my mission and that I want to evolve further within this field. The structure of the program feels balanced and well thought-out. I now aim, in my own way, to create a chain of hope and human dignity in a society that at the moment faces huge ordeals.”

Brenda Lee Wright


“The program feels professional, well designed and welcoming. I love how the program’s format is simple to navigate, and that the material is written in a clear and simple fashion. The material is well presented. I also really appreciate that the program is grounded in sound and dependable research, as this is tremendously important.

The License Program is a perfect fit for me and my passion, my competence, and my background. Furthermore, I feel supported and welcomed as a part of a larger movement that all of you at Write Your Self are creating. I am honoured to be able to be a part of this community.”

“In my experience, I find the license material very informative and interesting. I’ve learned a lot. You have a beautiful way of approaching trauma and people with trauma.”

– Kaarina Rauhala, deacon, Church of Sweden

“Undergoing this training has made me understand what a powerful tool writing is, but also how important it is to take care of oneself while writing. I want to try to convey this in all of my writing courses from here on out. You are doing a fantastic job, I am both proud and happy to be able to be a part of your network.”

– Annika Wigö, course leader, Sweden

“I feel as though I’ve gained excellent knowledge about Write Your Self’s writing process and methodology – I am as satisfied as can be. I feel psyched about the material and the guidance I’ve received. It is exactly this feeling I want to convey to those who participate in my courses! Thank you for all you’ve given me so far, this instruction feels like something I’ve been dreaming of. There has been a longing inside of me to reach out to more people by offering them writing as a tool for strengthening their self-esteem. With this instruction, you have succeeded in fulfilling this longing. I also like the platform’s design; it is elegant and professional, comfortable and inspiring.”

– Lotta Lepistö, deacon, Umeå County Parish, Church of Sweden

“The material is steeped with simplicity – and with that I mean that that which is simple is beautiful. Professionality is a good word – carefully developed. It is steeped with warmth and love to the one who is writing or seeking to guide others to writing. The images are vivid and inspiring, and those who narrate make it pleasant and inviting, but it can also be said that there is an empathy there when it comes to approaching other’s wounds.”

– Karin Vigren, priest, Church of Sweden

The Application Process

The application period begins October 31st and ends December 8th.

Both the application and scholarships are free of charge.

If you are granted a scholarship, we will personally contact you via email on January 15th, 2018, when you will also gain access to the material on our educational platform.

Application is now closed

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