For writers and guides

Write Your Self offers yearly scholarships.

In 2016 we granted free access to:

– 10 writing courses for writers; people who want to tell their stories and explore healing through writing.

– 3 licenses for guides; professionals who want to guide others through our writing process.

Altogether we’ve received 297 applications from 15 countries – Syria, South Africa, Russia, Algeria, Venezuela, Brasil, Croatia, Germany, Norway, the UK, the US, Canada, Belgium, Ireland, Australia and Sweden.

Applications for our license scholarship will open again on October 31, 2017.

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2016 License Scholarship Holders

Ylva Maria Pavval


Ylva Maria Pavval runs Niejda – Chicks in Sápmi, a Sami organisation for Sami girls and women, active in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. Niejda started as a mentorship program for Sami girls in Sweden in 2010 and grew from there. Regarding Write Your Self and the opportunity to use our license, Ylva writes:

“We want to offer a space for those who identifies as Sami women and non-men, where they can be themselves for a moment – not a representative of the whole Sami community.

There’s an enormous demand for activities and places to meet amongst our members and in our society as a whole – and there’s a deep need to strengthen us as a group in order to deal with outside pressure. Until now, we haven’t found a method to work with all the difficult issues that our members and wider community struggles with that is aligned with our values.

I believe Write Your Self can be the method we’ve been looking for, something that can offer our members tools, forums and methods to work through the most challenging aspects of our lives.”

Emelie Hill Dittmer


Emelie Hill Dittmer is a journalist and a writing teacher specialising in therapeutic writing. She divides her time between England and Sweden. Here’s how Emilie wants to make use of the license:

”I want to continue working with adults with learning disabilities in South East England, and together with the Swedish Church in London, I plan to start writing groups where we focus on therapeutic writing. Longterm, I’d also like to start groups within hospice care in England as well as in Sweden.

My writing has carried me through life and has helped me make sense out of it. I’m a survivor myself, and feel a strong calling to use my experiences to help others – to put words to what’s difficult in order to be able to move on. To help people make sense out of painful experiences, so that they can trust themselves – and life – again.

I feel a deep sense of joy at the thought of doing this work, to get to be part of people’s personal growth, to be the mentor I myself wish I had had during my most turbulent years. Somehow it feels like every step I’ve taken on my life’s journey has lead me here.”

Brenda Lee Wright


Brenda Lee Wright is a Canadian counselling therapist who works with survivors of sexual assault and sexual abuse and their families. She wants to bring our work to the women she counsels individually, and also to the group work she facilitates for moms of children who have been sexually abused.

”I am so honoured to do the work that I do and I feel that this program will add another level of sacredness to it” Brenda writes.

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