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The training

“The core experience of psychological trauma are disempowerment and disconnection from others. Recovery, therefore, is based upon the empowerment of the survivor and the creation of new connections.”

– Judith Herman, “Trauma and Recovery”

Approximately 70-80% of the world’s population will at some time over the course of their lives experience some kind of trauma.

Research and clinical trauma work show that after trauma we need space to piece together and make sense of our story, and we need safe companionship in the process. Writing with guidance can be an accessible and sustainable part of such a process.

By training guides, we want to bring writing to a wide variety of environments so that people who have experienced trauma can be helped and strengthened by writing.

Our vision is that everyone who have suffered trauma will be offered adequate and qualified help to write.

In our team, we have professional as well as personal experience of using writing as a tool for healing. We have lived through our own healing process and worked with many who have made the same journey. This experience and knowledge forms the foundation of our certification program.

Who is the training for?

Writing teachers, psychologist, therapists, deacons, physicians, staff at women’s shelters and refugee centres – these are just a few examples of professionals who do this work.

We educate professionals who want to learn to guide people using our writing methodology. This training should be regarded as a further education and a complement to your current professional role.

Our clients come from various professional backgrounds, and the course content is designed to fit different needs. Together with you, we hope to discover new ways to use writing and new environments to bring this knowledge to.

The training certifies you to guide people who wants to write. It does not, however, qualify you to teach the method to other professionals. Everyone who wants to use the Write Your Self methodology in their work needs to be trained and certified by us. 

A video about the vision behind our work:

Our stories matter.

Help people write theirs.

How does the training work?

You get to learn about our eight-step writing process and explore how it can be applied in your own work.

In five modules, you will study trauma and writing from pedagogical and scientific perspectives.

You will learn what makes a writing process trauma sensitive, with focus on bringing choice and empowerment back to your writers, and how to guide people through such a process, both individually and in groups.

The training consists of digital content that you explore at your own pace, available on our educational platform and for download.

How long it takes to complete the training depends on your individual circumstances and commitment, but a good estimate is one to two months, given that you do this alongside your regular work.

The certification process is completed online. After your certification, you will receive access to curriculums – detailed outlines – for courses and workshops, as well as for giving individual guidance and text response. This is a foundation from which you can develop your own educational material, and you can explore it and adjust it to the different ways you want to use writing in your professional role and at your place of work.

The access to our digital training and the certification is is personal and cannot be transferred to or shared with someone else.

You will find your future writing clients via your own place of work and your network, and we will also advertise your work in the guide directory on the Write Your Self website.

The content of the modules will be updated based on research and feedback from our clients.

The training is available in both Swedish and English.

The Modules:

This module introduces the research and educational work that Write Your Self is built upon. It gives you a background to and insight into our methodology – how our eight step writing process can be applied to writing after trauma.




This module presents Write Your Self’s writing process. You get an introduction to each of the eight steps and get to explore writing exercises connected to each step.

The eight steps are:

A Room of One’s Own
Creating space for writing in your life – inside and outside.

Begin Writing
Listening your way to your stories rather than making them up, and techniques to help you do so.

About ways to care for yourself while you are writing, and why it is essential to do so.

The Writing Body
About the body as a keeper of stories, and methods to begin listening to and writing down these stories.

Exploring three different writing forms, and understanding which might work for the stories your writers want to write.

About writing topics and how your writers can gather, organise and explore them at their own pace.

Creating Wholeness
About the healing capacities of writing, and concrete tools for working with your stories.

Express the Wordless
About finding words for that which can feel unspeakable in a story.



In this module we take a closer look at our methodology – how our writing process can be applied to writing after trauma. You learn about how the writing process can affect your writers, about text response and being a witness to traumatic stories, and about what you might need in your role as a guide.



Your certification takes place online. In this module you find questions to respond to. When your answers have been submitted and approved, you receive a certificate as proof that you have completed this training, as well as access to the fifth module.



Once your certification is completed you get access to this module. Here you will find all the educational material, the course curriculum and the workshop outlines etc. You will also find communication material to present your work to potential writers and employers.

Curriculums for a foundation course and an intermediate course. You can extend, customise and build upon this material as you wish, based on your own line of work and what you have learned about our writing process and method.

A detailed outline for a workshop. You can extend and customise this material as well, based on what you have learned throughout the training.

Individual guidance
Everything you need to offer individual guidance in writing. Consider this material a foundation that you can build upon, based on what you have learned about our writing method.

Text feedback
Guidelines for giving and receiving written and verbal text response, both individually and in groups.

Communication material
Digital communication material such as text-templates, visuals, flyers and posters to help you present Write Your Self, our method and the services you offer as a guide.



Library, Forum & Guide Directory

In the library, you get access to resources that complement the training material.

The Forum
In our private Facebook group you can present yourself and your work, connect with other course participants, ask questions and find support.

Guide Directory
Once you have been certified, you will become a part of our guide directory – if you so wish. Via this directory, writers can read about the service you offer and contact you to get help.

Our Method

Our method rests upon three pillars:

Writing after trauma
Writing after trauma can mean writing about trauma – about one’s own experiences of trauma. But it can also mean simply writing after trauma – to make sense of your voice and identity after you’ve experienced trauma. It is always the writers who choose what they want to write about. There is no requirement to write about trauma.  

The writing process
Our eight-step writing process consists of key knowledge about trauma, trauma sensitive writing exercises as well as tools and resources to help writers find out what they need to create a sustainable and healing writing practice.

The writer’s choice and empowerment
Trauma often causes a feeling of powerlessness and loss of agency. The ultimate purpose of our methodology is to bring choice and empowerment back to the writer.


Our program is built on trauma sensitive, evidence-based work, but we are not clinicians, therapists or scientists. We work within the areas of language, writing and creativity.

Write Your Self is not a replacement for therapy or other treatments. Our writing process and methodology is a powerful complement.

If the need arises, the writers you guide should always be encouraged to seek proper medical care. As a guide, you are responsible for how you use our methodology in your own profession.

“It is a beautiful and emotional experience to log in to the program. The platform is simple to navigate. All the research that is brought to light here confirms something I already know – inside. It’s a feeling of pieces coming together, that spreading this message is going to make a huge difference for so many.”

– EMELIE HILL DITTMER, writing teacher and journalist, England.

“The material is steeped with simplicity – and with that I mean that that which is simple is beautiful. Professionality is a good word – carefully developed. It is steeped with warmth and love to the one who is writing or seeking to guide others to writing. The images are vivid and inspiring, and those who narrate make it pleasant and inviting, but it can also be said that there is an empathy there when it comes to approaching other’s wounds.”

– KARIN VIGREN, priest, Church of Sweden, Sweden.

”Undergoing this training has made me understand what a powerful tool writing is, but also how important it is to take care of oneself while one is writing. I want to try to convey this in all of my writing courses from here on out. You are doing a fantastic job, I am both proud and happy to be able to be a part of your network.”

– ANNIKA WIGÖ, course leader, Sweden.

”The program feels professional, well designed and welcoming. I can tell that a lot of thought and a lot of heart has gone into creating it. I love that the format of the program is easy to navigate and that it is written in clear, simple, language. The content is presented well. I am extremely pleased that the program is grounded in good, solid research. I think that is so important.

Thanks to your emails, and the first video message in the program, I feel very confident that this is a good fit with my passion, my knowledge and background. I also feel supported and very welcome as part of a larger movement that the Write Your Self team is creating. I am so honoured to be part of this community.”

– BRENDA LEE WRIGHT, counselling therapist, Canada.

“The training material feels professional, to the point and well organised. I enjoy getting the whole picture, and also that it’s presented in stages, so that it’s graspable and doesn’t feel like I’m drowning in new information. The list of resources is an extra bonus: Awesome to know that I can immerse myself even further in certain aspects that interest me … Incredibly inspiring.”

– YLVA MARIA PAVVAL, project leader, Niejda, Sweden.

Price & Terms of Purchase


1390 USD,  VAT not included.


Payment Alternatives
You can pay the admission cost in full or in three installments.

Login Information
Once you have completed your purchase, we will send you a confirmation e-mail with the login information you need to access the program platform.

Your training and certification is personal and cannot be transferred to or shared with someone else.

Obtaining training for several users

Training for 1-10 users
1390 USD, VAT not included.
The purchase is completed through the form below. You need to complete one purchase for every user.

Training for more than 10 users
Contact us for details.

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