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Do you have a special story you want to tell?

Something you have experienced or a story that feels important to get into writing?

Perhaps you have a feeling that writing could become important for you, even if you don’t yet know how?

For those of you who long for a room of your own where you get to be whole, and find a way to express this wholeness, we have created Write Your Self’s Writing Program.

Regardless of your starting point, whether or not you have written before, whether or not you know what you want to write about – this program is for you.

It’s our invitation to you, to use your voice the way you want and need to. Regardless of what you have been through – you have the right to define yourself, your history and your life.

You have the right to write your self.

In the Writing Program, you will get the help you need to begin writing and to create a foundation for your continued writing.

You will learn about writing as a craft and writing as a process. The process is particularly emphasised. Not performance and result – but rather how it feels to write and what you need to be able to write. This is essential for writing to be both healing and sustainable.

You always choose your own writing topics.

Our team has professional as well as personal experience with using writing as a tool for healing. We have lived through our own healing process and worked with many who have made the same journey. This experience and knowledge we have gathered into our two programs – the Writing Program and the License Program.

A video about the vision behind our work:

Our stories matter.

Write Yours.

Write Your Self's Writing Program

The Writing Program consists of a writing course and a library with complementary resources – created for those of you who want to write your stories and explore healing through writing.

You will learn how to structure your writing routine and your topics, and you will get the tools you need to write your stories. No previous experience is required to participate.

The course consists of digital lessons with audio recordings, text files and workbooks that you can access in our online classroom. You explore the content at your own pace. You have lifetime access to the course and all future updates.

You receive access to the material in both Swedish and English. These two versions are identical.

The course is divided into eight lessons, based on the eight step writing process that we have developed for writing after trauma. You can read more about the methodology that our writing process is based on further down on the page.

The Lessons:

1. A Room of One’s Own
Creating space for writing in your life – on both the inside and outside.

2. Begin Writing
Listening to your stories rather than making them up, and techniques for doing this.

3. Self-care
Taking care of yourself while you are writing, and why it is essential to do so.

4. The Writing Body
About the body as a keeper of stories, and methods to begin listening to and writing down these stories.

5. Genres
Three different writing forms, and choosing which one to use for the stories you want to write.

6. Topics
Your writing topics, and how you can save, organise and explore them at your own pace.

7. Creating Wholeness
About healing writing, and concrete tools for piecing together and working with your stories.

8. Expressing the Wordless
Finding words for that which can feel indescribable in a story.


In the Writing Program’s library, you will find resources that complement the writing course. The library will continue to grow as the program is updated, based on feedback from you, the participants.

Inviting a Witness
Guidelines and suggestions for how you can invite a witness into your writing if you so choose; a reader who can support you in your writing process.

Creating a Writing Circle
Guidelines and suggestions for how you can create a writing circle.

Text Response
Guidance for you and your witness on giving and receiving feedback.

Writing Sequences
Yoga exercises or meditations combined with writing exercises, which build upon and complement each other but can also be used independently.

Our Methodology

Our methodology rests on three pillars:

Writing after trauma
Writing after trauma can be about writing about trauma – about your own experiences of trauma. And it can also be about writing after experiences of trauma – writing in the consequences of trauma and the way your life is afterwards. It is always you, the writer, who chooses what topic you want to write about. You don’t need to write about trauma.

The writing process
The eight step writing process that we have developed consists of writing with trauma customised writing exercises, and even guidelines for teaching a group, writing in a group, dialogue and text response. Our writing process contains material for helping you as a writer to explore what you need to be able to create a sustainable kind of writing.

The writer’s choice and empowerment
The ultimate purpose of our methodology is to bring choice and empowerment back to you as a writer. Trauma often causes a feeling of powerlessness and lack of agency. Both the Writing Program and the License Program are developed to help you and other writers to reclaim choice and power through writing.

Price and Terms of Purchase

You pay 195 USD for your permanent membership on the Writing Program.


When you have completed your purchase, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your login information to the program’s platform.

This gives you lifetime access to the Writing Program as well as all future updates.